It’s easy to format your article in Articles' rich editor to make it easy for customers to scan. 

Format your text

Just highlight your text to reveal text formatting options. You can add subheadings, bold text, italics and links, and center your text on the page:

Add videos, images and buttons 

At the bottom of the article editor you’ll see a toolbar to insert images, videos (via YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, Loom, Vidyard and Streamio), tables, buttons & code snippets:  

Pro tip: Emojis can add personality and enhance the friendly, accessible tone of your content (though we suggest using them sparingly).

To add emoji, type a colon (:) then start typing the name of the emoji like this:

Add alternative text to images

After adding images, you can add a description with 'alt' text which will improve your article's accessibility to screen readers, and search engines:

Note: This text won't be visible in the article itself, but will be read aloud if your customer is using a screen reader.


Breaking your content into sections is easy, just add horizontal dividers with this button:


After adding a table from the toolbar it’s easy to adjust the number of columns and rows.

Just hover over the dot at the end of each row or column, and you can add additional cells (above, below, left, or right), or delete them:

Note: Deleting a table will delete all the content within that table.

Inline code and code blocks

To add inline code, type a backtick ( ` ) at the start and end of your code snippet. It will look like this:

This line contains some example inline code .

To add a code block, use the toolbar at the bottom of the editor or just type three backticks ( ``` ) at the start and end of your code snippet. Your finished code block will look like this:

example code block
example code block

Create lists 

It's easy to make lists in Articles too. To start a numbered list just type '1.' and add a space, then keep typing. This will become the first line in your list and pressing return will go to the next numerical point. 

Numbered lists look like this:

  1. First line

  2. Second line

  3. Third line

Note: Press return twice to end the list. 

To start a bulleted list, just type a dash ( - ) or an asterisk ( * ), and add a space at the start of a new line, then keep typing. Articles will make this line the first line in your bulleted list. 

Bulleted lists look like this:

  • First point

  • Second point

  • Third point

Note: Pressing return twice will end a bulleted list too. 

For nested lists, just press tab with your cursor on a list item.

Nested lists look like this:

  • First level point

  • Another first level point

    • Nested point

      • Deeper nested point

What formatting does the Articles editor not support?

  • Custom HTML blocks or CSS styles.

  • Re-sizing images: we recommend re-sizing your images before you add them to an article. Images should be in a landscape format with a width between 640px and 1200px to prevent them from stretching.

  • Different indentation levels: If you add a bulleted or numbered list it will be indented, but it's not currently possible to indent a paragraph.

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