It’s easy to format your article in Articles' rich editor to make it easy for customers to scan. 

Format your text

Just highlight your text to reveal text formatting options. You can add subheadings, bold text, italics and links, and center your text on the page:

Add videos, images and buttons 

When you hover your mouse over the left hand side of the editor, you'll see a + icon. Click on that icon to insert videos (via YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, Loom, Vidyard and Streamio), images and buttons.  

Pro tip: Emojis can add personality and enhance the friendly, accessible tone of your content (though we suggest using them sparingly). On a Mac, you can add an emoji by holding down ‘command’, ‘control’ and the space bar together. 

Inline code and code blocks

To add inline code, type ` at the start and end of your code snippet. It will look like this:

example inline code 

To add a code block,  just type ``` at the start and end of your code snippet. Your finished code block will look like this:

example code block
example code block

Create lists 

It's easy to make lists in Articles too. To start a numbered list just type 1. and add a space, then keep typing. When you press return, this will become the first line in your list and will go to the next numerical point. 

Numbered lists look like this:

  1. First line
  2. Second line
  3. Third line

Note: Press return twice to end the list. 

To start a bullet point list, just type "-", and add a space at the start of a new line, then keep typing. When you hit return, Articles will make this line the first line in your bulleted list. 

Bulleted lists look like this:

  • First point
  • Second point
  • Third point

Note: Pressing return twice will end a bulleted list too. 

Can't find what you need? 

Check out this article to see the formatting options Articles doesn't support.

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