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Managing the order of your Workflows
Managing the order of your Workflows

Reorder and prioritize your Workflows to create the optimum customer experience

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How to reorder your Workflows

Your Workflows always run in sequential order, from top to bottom. From time to time you may need to reorder them to update your customer experience. You can easily reorder your Workflows by dragging to move them.

Customer facing vs background Workflows

The main thing to keep in mind when reordering a Workflow is whether it’s a customer facing or background Workflow, as this has an impact on the way it behaves.

What are customer-facing Workflows?

If a Workflow contains something a customer can read or interact with i.e.

  • Reply buttons

  • Or any kind of message

If your Workflow contains any of this it means it’s customer facing.

Matching customer facing Workflows

Customers only experience the first customer facing Workflow they match.

What are background Workflows?

A background (or internal) Workflow usually only contains actions which customers can’t see or interact with. You’ll note a small icon always appears beside background Workflows to help you identify them.

Matching background Workflows

Customers can match multiple background Workflows in order of priority.

The main takeaway here is that when you have competing actions like this, they all apply, but it's the bottom Workflow that applies, because its last in the order.

How do customers match both types of Workflows together?

  1. Customers only experience the first customer facing Workflow they match,

  2. But they can match multiple background Workflows.

Figuring out which Workflows are applying to your conversations

You can use the Inbox Events toggle to expose every Workflow that applies to a conversation. This is very useful for figuring out what Workflows are applying where.

To make this even easier, we recommend always naming your Workflows clearly, so they can be easily understood by your team.


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