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Set Fin AI Agent live using Profiles
Set Fin AI Agent live using Profiles

How to customize and set Fin AI Agent live using a Profile.

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This article covers how to customize and set Fin AI Agent live through Profiles. There are several components and customization options available, but not all are mandatory. We’ll go through each one below.

Profiles will be deprecated soon:

Get started

Go to Fin AI Agent > Fin Overview and open the Set up and go live tab.

Scroll down to "Set Fin live through Profiles".

If you previously had Resolution Bot behaviors set up, you’ll now find them listed here. Learn more about the rebrand of Resolution Bot to Custom Answers.

Any Profiles you've created can be found here. Simply click on a Profile to customize or edit it.

It's no longer possible to create multiple new Profiles. If you'd like to set up Fin AI Agent for different customer segments, you should configure Fin using Workflows.

Customizing a Profile

How Fin should answer

Decide whether Fin AI Agent should use AI-generated answers, or Custom Answers, or both when answering customers who match this Profile.

Use AI-generated answers

To enable AI-generated answers, you must add your content first. Fin AI Agent will automatically provide customers with AI-generated responses using this content.

Use Custom Answers

If you’d like more control over the answers provided, you can also create Custom Answers for Fin AI Agent.

Custom Answers allow you to create bespoke answers to your most important questions, and Fin AI Agent will prioritize them over its AI-generated answers. You can decide which Audiences will see Custom Answers in their settings.


  • You need to have live Custom Answers to enable this functionality. Learn how to create Custom Answers.

  • Custom Answers is a rebrand of Resolution Bot. If you previously used Resolution Bot, then all your existing Resolution Bot Answers and behaviors will still be available.

When AI-generated answers and Custom Answers are enabled

If Custom Answers and AI-generated answers are both enabled, when Fin AI Agent is triggered, it will first look for available Custom Answers. If one isn’t found, then it will search for an answer in the content you added to Fin (i.e. your Help Center or external support content) and provide an AI-generated answer.

When only Custom Answers are enabled

You can create a Profile that only uses Custom Answers (by not enabling AI-generated answers).

If a Profile only contains Custom Answers, the answer suggestion functionality will work. To configure this, go to Fin AI Agent > Settings and open Suggest relevant answers.

Show Fin to

Use this section to determine who sees this particular Profile. You can show Fin AI Agent on different channels and target a specific segment of customers on those channels.

Learn how to test Fin AI Agent privately or with a specific segment of customers before setting it live.

Additional settings

To further customize the Fin AI Agent experience for your customers and teammates, you can choose to configure the following settings.

How Fin AI Agent should behave

Fin AI Agent will ask clarifying questions and try to give a response, so it will answer multiple questions by design. This section determines whether a conversation should be passed to a teammate after Fin has answered a customer’s questions.

Answer multiple questions

If you choose Answer multiple questions, you’ll need to select what happens when a Fin AI Agent has answered their questions but the customer becomes inactive (hasn’t replied to a bot response in 3 minutes):

  • If Fin already answered the question - the conversation can still be Passed to a teammate to ensure the customer was given a suitable response, or it can be Automatically closed.

  • If Fin couldn’t answer the question - the conversation can be Passed to a teammate to answer, or it can be Automatically closed because the customer hasn’t responded.

Let Fin collect additional context

Gather more information with Fin AI Agent when a customer asks to speak to the team.

When collecting more information Fin may also provide an additional answer—increasing the likelihood of a self-serve resolution. The extra information will also provide more context when the conversation is handed off to a teammate—improving agent efficiency and effectiveness.

Note: Insider knowledge 🔍 Before launch we tested this feature extensively—observing an increase in answer rate, confirmed resolutions, and CSAT.

Answer multiple questions and never pass to teammate

Or, you can set Fin AI Agent up to Answer multiple questions and never pass to teammate. If this option is selected, you’ll need to write a response Fin can give customers before closing a conversation.

  • Select a language - You can show this message in different languages based on the customer’s device settings. Configure the languages to support in your Messenger settings.

  • Compose a message - Use the text editor to write Fin’s response. The text editor supports emojis, GIFs, images (JPEG/PNG), and People or Company data attributes. Highlight text to format and hyperlink. Add additional messages by selecting + Add below each message.

Fin AI Agent is conversational and can ask clarifying questions before delivering an answer, so when AI-generated answers are enabled you can’t select Only answer once. If you want to only provide one response to customers, use Custom Answers instead.


Specify how long you want Fin AI Agent to wait before considering a customer inactive.

Have Fin AI Agent introduce itself

Here, you can customize the introduction message triggered at the beginning of a conversation with Fin AI Agent. It helps your customers better understand what the bot can do and how to interact with it.

This message can be enabled or disabled using the toggle.


  • This introduction only applies to conversations on Web, iOS and Android.

  • The message won’t be displayed if you’ve already configured inbound conversations to start with a Workflow.

  • The languages Fin AI Agent can use are configured from Messenger settings.

Use the text editor to write Fin AI Agent’s introduction. The text editor supports emojis, GIFs, images (JPEG/PNG), and People or Company data attributes. Highlight text to format and hyperlink. Add additional messages by selecting + Add below each message.

We recommend letting customers know that they’re talking to a bot during this first interaction.

How Fin AI Agent should hand over

When a customer asks to talk to the team, Fin AI Agent will route them to the team. If this handover is enabled, Fin can also provide additional help before passing the conversation to your team.

Languages are configured from Messenger settings.

For example, you could walk customers through a flow to collect additional information for the team, making it a smooth transition and saving teammates time and effort when picking up the conversation.

Learn how to use the Workflows builder.

This can pass to a reusable workflow you’ve created to triage and handle inbound conversations. Use Pass to a reusable workflow step to hand Fin AI Agent over to another Workflow.


You can also set up a Schedule for this Profile to only send at specific times. For example, if you only want to enable Fin AI Agent outside of office hours, or from a Custom date in the future.

Set live

You can now preview or test this Profile and then set it live.

When you’re ready to let Fin AI Agent start supporting your customers, scroll up to the top of the Profile settings and click Set live.

You need billing permissions to set it live because you need to accept the T&Cs the first time a Profile is created. Accepting these terms is mandatory to be able to use Fin AI Agent.

Once Fin AI Agent is live, you’ll be able to view:

Prioritize Profiles

You can prioritize the order that your Profiles run in by using drag and drop to reorder them under Fin AI Agent > Fin Overview > Set up and go live.

Fin will check each Profile from top to bottom of the list and use the first one a customer matches with.

For example, you have one Profile which targets all customers with AI-generated answers enabled, and one Profile which targets VIP customers with Custom Answers and you want to ensure Fin delivers this to VIP customers before defaulting to any other Profile you’ve set up.


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