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Setup and preview Fin with your support content
Setup and preview Fin with your support content

How to add content Fin can use to start providing customers with answers.

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Fin is hungry for information. The more you feed it, the better it performs. Fin can use both your Intercom Articles and other external support content, so you can decide exactly which sources of information you would like Fin to use when answering customers' questions.

Fin will automatically generate responses called AI Answers by using the support content you add. You'll be able to preview this before going live.

See our Fin Best Practices for optimizing your support content.

Setup & preview

Start adding your content from AI Chatbot > Setup & Preview. Fin will use AI to automatically generate answers using the content of your choice.


  • If you land on this page before opting into Fin, you'll see a landing page asking for consent to share your Fin content with Open AI. Only teammates with billing permissions can accept the terms and dismiss this landing page for the workspace.

  • Fin is currently not available on regionally-hosted EU or AU workspaces. However, we are striving to make regional hosting available for Fin in the future.

You'll see a panel for each of the different kinds of content that Fin can use, together with summaries of how many pieces of each kind of content Fin has available to use.

Each of the panels has a "status" indicator to let you know if Fin is using the corresponding content:

  • No indicator: There is no content available for Fin to use.

  • Ready: There is content available for Fin to use, but no Workflows or Profiles have been set live for Fin to deliver this kind of content. When the content is in this state, it can be interacted with the preview on the right.

  • Live: There is content available for Fin to use, and Fin is actively sending this type of content to customers (i.e. there are live Workflows or Profiles using this).

Find a list of content sources that are compatible with Fin below.

Use external content

If you don’t have an Intercom Help Center, or you would like to Fin to use other support content, select Use external content and add click + Add to start syncing your external content with Fin.

You can use any public URL (such as pages on your website, pricing information, blog posts etc.) and we will import and keep the content synced with the URL source once a week to ensure it’s kept up-to-date.


  • Fin only imports pages that start with the URL you enter, so it’s best to use the most basic URL stem possible. For example, don’t use, you should use instead. See all troubleshooting tips for importing content.

  • Fin is currently unable to interpret or represent images or multimedia content.

When content is syncing, you’ll see a progress bar showing how much content from this source is synced.


  • Scanning and syncing external content usually takes about 10 minutes, but it can take up to 10 hours.

  • Fin syncs external content weekly. If you want it to update immediately, it's best to delete the imported content and reimport.

  • During the sync, if we're unable to access or crawl some of the pages that were available before, we'll inform you about this via email.

  • To avoid any potential loss of data, we will wait 48 hours before updating Fin's content. If we don’t hear from you within this time frame, we will assume that the deletion of these pages was intentional, and we will update your index content accordingly.

Once all content is synced and available, this content source will become active and be marked as Used by Fin. You can control which pages from this source are used by Fin by clicking Manage.

If you expected to see more pages synced from your external content, read our troubleshooting tips.

Use Intercom Help Center

If you have Intercom Articles set up, you’ll see these are automatically available and active when configuring Fin.

You can do the following:

  • Add - takes you to the All Articles page in your workspace where you can create new articles.

  • Manage - takes you to the Fin Content library filtered by Articles, so that you can manage which of your available Articles Fin is allowed to use.

If you currently have no Articles published, you will only see an option to + Add

Important: For an article to be available to Fin, it needs to be:

  • Published

  • Part of a collection

  • Part of a live Help Center

  • Contain text (Fin is currently unable to interpret or represent images or multimedia content)

Fin will respect any audience targeting you have on articles, so if you have content for different segments of your customers you can be sure Fin will only show the right content to the right people.

Make sure your articles are comprehensive and up-to-date, so that Fin can start resolving customer questions instantly. Teammates will need the following Permissions to create/edit your articles:

Use Snippets

You can also create simple text Snippets to provide specific answers that will not be referenced by Fin when replying to customers and are only there to improve answer quality and coverage.

For example you might want to add some FAQs from your website or bug details that should not be searchable in your public knowledge base and not applicable to all customers, but would be useful for Fin to answer specific customer queries.

You can do the following:

  • Add - takes you to the Snippet creation panel of the Fin Content library.

  • Manage - takes you to the Fin Content library filtered by Snippets, so that you can manage which of your available snippets Fin is allowed to use.

If you currently have no Snippets saved, you will only see an option to + Add

Use Files

PDF files are another content source that can be consumed by Fin. Simply upload a PDF file and the text content from the file will be scraped and made available for Fin to use within minutes.

Similar to Snippets, content from these PDF files are a private source so your customers will not see any link references to them in the Messenger and the content is only there to be used by Fin to improve answer quality and coverage.

If you'd like to upload a PDF file for Fin, click + Add to get started.

Use Custom Answers

Fin can be set up to use Custom Answers to resolve specific questions a customer asks at the start of a new conversation, and Fin will prioritize them over its AI Answers.

These allow you to build bespoke answers to the most important questions for increased accuracy, consistency, and specificity and when you want to create answers that include rich media, Custom Actions, Custom Objects and/or Custom Apps.

If you'd like to create new Custom Answers for Fin, click Manage to get started.


  • A Custom Answer must be set live for Fin to be able to use it.

  • Fin will first respond with Custom Answers if there’s a strong match. Otherwise, it will generate its own AI Answer (if AI Answers are enabled).

  • When Fin creates an AI answer, all content sources are weighed equally.

Preview & test Fin with your content

Once you’ve finished adding content, you can use the interactive preview on the right to start having a conversation with Fin.


  • To preview Fin the Messenger must be installed on web.

  • For External Content, Intercom Help Center and Snippets to go from Ready to Active, there has to be a live Workflow or Profile with AI-generated answers enabled.

  • For Custom Answers to go from Ready to Active, there has to be a live Workflow or Profile with Custom Answers enabled.

  • While the preview does not require live Workflows or Profiles, it still requires the content to be visible to Fin:

    • If the content has been set to Not used by Fin in the Fin Content library, then Fin will not be able to deliver the content in the preview.


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