Sometimes you don't want your entire team to have access to everything within Intercom— that's why we've made it easy to give certain members of your team access to certain data and features in Intercom.

In the teammates section of your settings menu, you can edit the permissions of each team member.

Permissions Explained

For each teammate you can choose different permissions depending on their needs in the workspace. Below are the available permissions, and what they allow you to do.


  • Can access general and security settings.

    • Edit workspace name, enable test workspace, etc.

    • Enable/disable identity verification.

    • Manage teammate authentication (e.g. 2FA, Google SSO).

    • Manage attachment settings.

  • Can manage teammates, seats and permissions.

    • Add or remove teammates.

    • Manage seats.

    • Edit teammate permissions.

    • Change away mode and reassignment for teammates.

    • Edit teammate role-based permissions.

    • Access teammate activity logs.

  • Can see teammate list and manage away status.

    • View teammate list.

    • Change away mode and reassignment for teammates.

  • Can access Messenger settings.

    • Edit Messenger intro and localization.

    • Set default office hours and reply times.

    • Add Messenger home apps.

    • Style your Messenger.

    • Control inbound and outbound conversations (e.g. who can see the Messenger).

    • Security settings for Messenger (identity verification).

  • Can access billing settings.

    • Change subscription.

    • Edit credit card details.

    • Edit billing contact and address.

    • Access and download invoices.

  • Can access Outbound settings.

    • Edit fallbacks for messages and unsubscribe settings.

    • Access outbound email addresses.

    • Manage email forwarding.

    • Edit email templates.

    • Manage universal linking.

Data and Security

  • Can manage workspace data

    • Edit or delete tags.

    • Edit Teams (inboxes).

    • Edit people and company data (create attributes).

    • Edit people and company segments.

    • Add or edit office hours.

    • Add or edit team-level office hours.

    • Edit workspace qualification data.

    • Delete events.

    • Access import history.

    • Unblock users and access spam inbox.

  • Can access people, companies, and account lists

  • Can access lead and user profile pages

  • Can export lead, user and company data

  • Can import leads and users

  • Can manage tags

Apps and Integrations

  • Can access developer hub.

    • Access webhooks.

    • Build/manage apps.

  • Can install, configure and delete apps.

    • Install and remove apps from the App Store.

    • Edit settings of installed apps.


  • Can manage Articles.



  • Can bulk message visitors, leads and users.

  • Can send outbound emails from custom addresses

  • Can export Outbound data

  • Can use Series

    • Build cohesive campaigns with all of Intercom’s Outbound channels.


  • Can reassign conversations and edit lead or user ownership

  • Can delete replies and notes from a conversation

  • Can manage shared macros

  • Can manage views

  • Can manage rules

  • Can manage Balanced assignment and Workload management

  • Can manage Round robin assignment

Important: Removing the ability to reassign conversations only prevents reassigning conversations from an individual's inbox. All teammates will still be able to assign conversations that are currently unassigned, or in a team inbox.


  • Can access reports

  • Can export CSV


  • Can set Product tours live

  • Can set Surveys live

How to Edit Permissions

Edit permissions a teammate

Under Teammates Settings, simply click on the teammate's name you want to update, then toggle their individual permissions👇

Note: All team members can access the People and Company lists and use the Conversations Inbox and send replies. This feature is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Edit permissions for multiple teammates in bulk

To edit the permissions for multiple teammates, hover over their profile picture and check the box that appears 👇

After selecting the teammates to edit, click "Edit permissions", like you see below.

Now, choose the correct permissions for these teammates, just like you would for an individual teammate. To see at a glance the teammates to whom these permissions will apply, check here👇

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