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Moving your Profiles to Workflows
Moving your Profiles to Workflows

How to migrate from Profiles to Workflows for configuring and setting Fin live.

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Workflows provide more flexibility in how you set up, configure and deliver Fin to your customers. To simplify the product experience, and make it easier to orchestrate Fin, we will be deprecating Fin profiles in the near future. With this, Workflows will become the primary method for delivering Fin to your customers.

In the meantime, if you have access to Workflows and you want to start benefitting from the new functionalities and additional flexibility Workflows offer, you can start migrating your Profiles yourself. We'll explain how you can do this below, including additional information if you have a more complex setup.

How do I turn Profiles into Workflows?

You can easily turn a Fin Profile into a Workflow by using the Customer opens a new conversation in Messenger trigger if you want Fin to introduce itself at the start of a conversation.

If you want Fin to also work over third party chat channels like WhatsApp, use Customer sends their first message trigger instead.

How Fin Profile settings translate to Workflows:



Show Fin to and When Fin should be active

Can be configured from the trigger settings within the Workflow

Have Fin introduce itself (Messenger only)

Can be achieved by adding messages before the Let Fin answer step

How Fin should handover section

Will be covered by the Workflow after the Let Fin answer step

How Fin should behave and Custom Answer controls

Can be found by clicking on the Let Fin answer step

When you have several Profiles

If you have more than one Profile, regardless of whether it’s live or not, you have two migration options:

  1. Create a single Workflow and use branches that correspond to each Profile, or

  2. Create a Workflow per Profile.

In most cases we recommend option 2 as it makes the whole automation setup more straightforward to understand and easier to manage.


How to support Profiles with multiple languages

This option covers a case where you are using multiple languages in Have Fin introduce itself or How Fin should hand over sections of a Profile.

You can replicate this by using separate Workflows per language:


Alternatively, you can use separate branches separated by a “Detected Language” predicate.


The same approaches can be taken if you have handovers in multiple languages.

If you think your Workflow will contain duplicated blocks, you could consider using Reusable Workflows in separate branches.

How to support Fin over multiple channels

Using the trigger Customer sends their first message you can trigger a Workflow over WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email and SMS.


For example, a Workflow triggering Fin in WhatsApp may look similar to this:


Read more about omnichannel support in Workflows.

If you have any questions on how to migrate your Profiles to Workflows, reach out to us via the Messenger.


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