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Prevent replies to Workflows for an entirely automated experience
Prevent replies to Workflows for an entirely automated experience

Offer more automated support for your customers by disabling the composer, for bot-only conversations.

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Workflows can be used to create a button only experience, this followed by a human interaction can be great for triaging customers. Other times, it's best for the conversation to remain with the bot only. With Workflows, you can do either to a high standard by utilising actions.

One way to achieve this is to leave out the "Collect Customer Reply" action from pathways while leveraging the "Reply Buttons" action. The "Reply Buttons" allow you to triage customers without receiving lots of granular details. This can allow for pathways ending with team assignments, tagging, adding conversation data attributes or passing off to another bot.

When triaging customer issues, you can use the reply buttons to gather the necessary information on your customers. If you want to allow the customer to respond to a prompt along the way, add in the "Collect Customer Reply" action. This will leave a gap for the customer to write some more details for you at a time in the triaging where you feel it's appropriate. Below you can see an example path which leverages the customer reply.

Tip: Workflow actions within a path are prioritised from the top to the bottom and will occur in that order. Keep this in mind when designing paths.

Can I add a link to a reply button?

No, it's not possible to add a link to a reply button, these are specifically for routing users to the next step in the bot. It's also not possible to add buttons to Workflows like in Outbound Messages like Chats or Posts.


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