It’s easy to customize Operator’s identity to suit your brand.

Just go to Operator > Settings:

Here, you can change Operator’s name:

You can choose to change the Operator icon's colour. Just click ‘Edit’, and use the colour slider or hex options to change its colour:

Note: If you choose to change Operator’s colour, ensure it’s in contrast to the colour of your Messenger.

Or, you can upload your own icon: 

Once uploaded, you’ll see a preview of how it’ll appear to your customers on the right-hand side:

Lastly, click 'Save changes' to set your bot's new identity live.

Your bot's identity will appear for all messages sent by Task Bots, Custom Bots and Resolution Bot.

Pro tip
: If you’re customizing Operator’s icon, we recommend you make it clear that it’s a bot. You shouldn’t try to make it look like a real human. Operator was designed to automate tasks for humans - not to mimic humans :)

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