In your Help Center Settings you’ll see lots of customization options to help you decide exactly how your Help Center should appear for your customers. Here’s how to choose a color for your Help Center, add your own logo and header image, customize your Help Center domain and more. 

Customize your Help Center’s appearance  

First, set your Help Center’s color 

It’s easy to change the color of your Help Center to suit your brand. Just visit your Help Center Settings and open 'Style your Help Center':

Then, enter your primary color’s hex value:

The color you choose will be applied to these items: 

  • Collection names on your homepage.

  • Article titles in collections. 

  • Links in articles. 

  • Your header color (we recommend that you replace this with a custom header image). 

Then, name your Help Center

Your Help Center’s name appears as the title on your customer’s browser tab, so keep it simple. Something like ‘<your company name> Help Center’ works well.

To customize the look and feel of your Help Center, you’ll need to: 

  1. Upload a high-resolution favicon. This appears before the title on your customers’ browser tab.
    Recommended ratio: 1:1. 150KB max, 588x588 maximum.

  2. Add a header image. This appears at the top of your homepage and on each page of your Help Center - so add a strong image that represents your brand. Recommended ratio: 5:2. 2MB max, 3000px maximum width/height.

  3. Upload a high-resolution version of your logo. This shows on the left-hand side of your header image, and in grayscale at the bottom of the page.
    Recommended ratio: 5:1. 1MB max, 720px maximum width/height. 

Note: You should also add a Social media image, which will appear when your Help Center is shared on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Recommended ratio: 1.91:1. 2MB size. Dimensions: 1200 x 630.

You can add links to your website and social media channels in the footer of your Help Center.

Just add the URLs you'd like to link to and they'll appear in the footer. If you add social media links, they'll appear as clickable icons.

Localize your Help Center's language 

You can localize your Help Center's language with just a few clicks. Just go to your ‘Help Center’ settings, select your default language and click ‘Save.’ 

Once you choose your language, the user interface of your Help Center will read in the language you set. This will change the language of your: 

  • Search prompt on your homepage. 

  • Article count, author and last modified date. 

  • Reactions prompt on your articles. 

  • ‘We run on Intercom’ logo and more. 


Customize your domain 

Use your default domain 

When you turn on your Help Center, we make your content available through an Intercom domain by default. So, first just turn your Help Center on. 

Then, click ‘Settings’ in your Help Center tab to get your default Help Center URL. Your app name will form part of your URL. For example, if your app name is ‘ExampleApp’ your URL would look like this:

Note: You can edit the app name part of your URL (e.g. exampleapp) to whatever you like. 

Or set a custom domain

If you’d prefer to make your content available through your own domain, you can set up a custom domain. First, enter your domain URL (e.g. in your Help Center Settings and click ‘Save.’ 

Next, go to your DNS provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Cloudflare, DNSimple or Route53, etc.) and create a CNAME record with a target host of We’ve created this guide to help you or your engineer set this up. 

Important: DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to take effect but they typically happen much faster. 

Once you’re happy with how you’ve customized your Help Center, remember to save your changes. That’s it, you’re done 😄 

Tip: You can also choose to disable search engine indexing and keep your articles private.

What’s next? 

Now that you have your Help Center up and running, it’s time to start organizing your articles into useful collections to help customers find the content they need. 

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