All it takes is a few minutes to import your Mixpanel contacts and details to Intercom.

Why import your Mixpanel contacts?

  • We’ll pull in the following user details: email, name, last_request_at, created_at and mixpanel_id and store them as attributes in your user list.

  • Once imported, you can filter your user list based on your customers’ behaviour and send them the right messages at the right time in the right place by email and in-app.

How to import your Mixpanel contacts

From Platform, select 'Import people' from the dropdown in the top right:

Then, choose Mixpanel from the list of import options: 

Your imported Mixpanel contacts will be added to your Intercom user list.

Important: If you import users into Intercom and they immediately match the criteria for an auto message that you have live, they will get that message right away.

How to find your imported users

We automatically tag imported users with the format Mixpanel Import - 2016-04-29 22:41:28 UTC . This means that you can easily find specific users after you import them. Just filter for 'Tag is' in your user list and select your Mixpanel import list.

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