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When you import your contacts from MailChimp, we'll pull in the first name, last name and email of your users. Here's how it works: 

Why import your MailChimp contacts? 

Once imported, you can filter your user list based on your customers’ behaviour and send them the right messages at the right time in the right place by email and in-app messages. 


  • This feature only imports subscribers. Unsubscribed records won't be imported into Intercom.

  • You can't import custom data, but you can set up custom data once you've imported your users into Intercom.

How to import your MailChimp contacts

First, go your app store. Then, search for the MailChimp import app and click ‘Install now. 

2. Click ‘Connect MailChimp’ and login to your MailChimp account. 

4. Select ‘Import your MailChimp lists’ and follow the instructions provided. 

Once you’ve imported your MailChimp contacts, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that your list has been imported. Select the ‘View your users’ button and you’ll be brought straight to your updated user list. 

Important: If you import users into Intercom and they immediately match the criteria for an outbound message that you have live, they will get that message right away.

How to find your imported users 

We’ll automatically tag your MailChimp list with a unique tag. You’ll find this on your confirmation screen.  

To find your imported MailChimp users, simply search for this tag in your Intercom user list.

Important: This import is for users only. If you'd like to import leads, you'll need to export a CSV from Mailchimp and import your CSV into Intercom.

What's next?

To capture new subscribers in the Messenger, and in conversations, install the Mailchimp Subscribe app.


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