Create a new tag

To create a new tag, go to Settings > 'Your app' data > Tags and click '+ New tag'. Then, give your tag a name, and click the tick icon ✔️ to save it:

How to edit a tag

To update the name of a tag, just select the pencil icon next to the tag:

Type the new name for your tag, and click the tick icon ✔️: 

How to archive a tag

Archiving a tag removes it from your list of tags, so it can no longer be added to new content. You’ll retain all the data and reporting on previously tagged content, and can still use the tag to filter your messages, conversations and users where it has already been applied.

To archive a tag click ‘Archive’ to the right of the tag:

If the tag is currently used in people segments, or filters for a message audience you’ll see a warning like this. To remove the tag from your segments or filters, just follow the link in the warning:

💡Pro tip: Archiving unneeded tags makes it quicker and easier for your team to find and apply the tags they need.

Restoring an archived tag

To unarchive a tag, go to the “Archived” tab in your tag settings, and click “Restore” next to the tag:

You can also permanently delete tags you no longer need from here. Just click “Delete”. 👌

Important: To create, edit, archive or delete tags you must have 'Can manage tags' permissions enabled.

How to delete a tag

Deleting a tag will permanently remove it from your workspace, so it can no longer be used to search your conversations, people or messages. 

To delete a tag click “Archive”, then select “Delete immediately”:

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