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Deleting your personal data from Intercom
Deleting your personal data from Intercom

How Intercom collects data, and how you can access or delete it.

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How did Intercom get my data?

At Intercom, we collect data in a variety of ways. If you’ve received an email from us even though you haven’t signed up to use Intercom, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • Newsletter subscriptions: When you subscribe to our newsletter, your email address is added to our database.

  • Ebook downloads: When you download an Intercom ebook, you also fill out a form so the file can be sent to your email address. 

  • Marketing prospects: Our marketing team is always looking to reach new people who could benefit from using Intercom. They source this information from a number of places, and it can sometimes be provided to us by third parties that generate leads on our behalf.  These third parties will source this information from publicly available sources such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

  • Recruiting prospects: In order to fill open roles and find the best candidates to join the Intercom team, our recruiting team may collect data to reach out to potential prospects that have been found on sites like LinkedIn, and through referrals from current teammates.

How can I request access to or deletion of my data?

If you would like more details on what data we have collected, or if you want to request deletion of your data under the terms of the GDPR or other applicable legislation, you can reach out to us via the Messenger, or by emailing There, our Support team will be able to process your request.


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