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Learn when and where to welcome your users, and how to craft a message your customers will act on.

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When new users sign up to your product, they’re expecting a message to guide them in the right direction. You’ll never get a second chance at making a first impression so this message needs to count. Here’s how you can get your customers excited and invested in your product, right from the very beginning. 

What to say

When you’re welcoming your customers, what you say and how you say it is extra important. You’ll need to capture their attention and build a connection right away. And you’ll need to quickly communicate the value of using your product. Here’s some tips: 

  • Extend a warm welcome. You should greet customers by their first name by adding a first name variable

  • Introduce yourself. And don’t forget to add a smiling avatar of your face to show the real person behind your product. 

  • Set a nice tone for your product. This will directly impact whether your subsequent on-boarding messages get read. 

  • Provide an engaging next step to encourage users to continue using your app. This could be encouraging them to sign up to your webinar or to update their profile page, for example.

Here’s an example: 

When and where to welcome your customers 

When they first log in

Create an ongoing message for users who log into your app for the first time. This way you can help your users make the most of your product from day one. Just filter for "Signed up is less than 1 day ago". 

When they’re on a specific page of your app 

It’s a good idea to restrict this message to show only on a specific URL, to make sure you greet your users at the right time and in the right place. Make sure it’s an important page your users are likely to land on. For example, you could trigger your message to send when your user lands on your project creation page. 

To do this you'll need to select "Chat" or "Post" as your channel:

Under Rules, "Where to send" you can select the option to target a specific page. Just enter the URL you'd like to target. Like this: 

Should you send an email, or chat/post message? 

Probably both. The first time someone logs into your app is a great opportunity to set them on the right path and show them the feature most likely to convert them to a lifelong customer. Similarly, right after they sign up is one of the occasions when a user is expecting to receive an email from you – so make it count. 

What's next? 

Now that you know how to create your welcome message it’s time to craft the perfect follow-up.

If you're just getting started with messages, you might be interested in the series of message templates we put together over on our blog. They'll help you get your messaging strategy off the ground. Check out the guide now

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