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What is the Intercom Community?
What is the Intercom Community?

Intercom’s community forum is a place for Intercom users to ask questions, get answers, and share knowledge.

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The Intercom Community is the perfect place to ask any questions, learn from other people who use Intercom, and receive expert advice and tips.

Use it as a space to share your own knowledge of Intercom, tell your story and connect with other Intercom users 🙌

Get started

Go to Intercom Community and click Login.

Choose to log in with SSO and connect your Intercom workspace, or log in as guest.

You’ll need to be logged in to create new posts, or reply to and interact with posts.

Set up your profile

First thing’s first — you should update your profile. Click on your avatar where you’ll find “My Profile” where you can change your nickname, upload a profile image and give your fellow Interconnected users more information about yourself:

Search for answers or ask a question

To find questions and answers from other users, search here:

Forum questions & answers are Intercom verified.

If your question hasn’t already been asked, then click Ask a question.

To answer another user, simply post your Reply just below their question.

Subscribe to a topic to receive notifications when it receives new replies.

Once you’ve subscribed to content, you’ll find it in your Subscriptions.

You can also get user tips, exchange ideas, join and post in groups, see upcoming events, and check out the latest news & updates from the Intercom team.

Community leaderboard

You’ll notice that, as you interact with the community, you’ll be awarded points. These help you rise up through the User leaderboard.

Pro tip: As you move through the levels you will earn new capabilities and rewards, such as the ability to give badges, create groups, opportunities to meet with Intercom teams, and of course Intercom swag 😎


Need more help? Get support from our Community Forum
Find answers and get help from Intercom Support and Community Experts

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