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Can I add descriptions to my custom attributes and events?
Can I add descriptions to my custom attributes and events?
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Yes. You can add a description to any custom attribute or event you create in Intercom. This will help both you and your teammates remember what your custom data means. And you’ll quickly understand how to use it. For example, if you create a custom attribute called ‘expire at’ you can describe it as ‘date user’s subscription ends (send message prior)’. Then you and your teammates can easily view your description in your user list. 

How to create a description

First, go to Settings and select People data or company data. Then, down to see a list of the custom data you’ve created. Then, click on on the pencil icon ✏️ to edit the attribute:

You'll then be able to add a description of the the data:

How to quickly view a description

Hover your mouse over a custom attribute or event in your user (or company) list while adding it as a column, you'll see its description:

Can I add a description for a standard attribute?

You can’t add your own description to standard attributes. But we’ve created descriptions for each standard attribute to help you understand what your standard data means. You can view the description for any standard attribute by hovering over its name in the user (or company) list. 


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