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Salesforce account sync setup

How to resolve issues related to your Salesforce account sync setup

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Resolution Steps


The Salesforce App Account sync feature must have all of the following pre-configured in order for the sync to run successfully:

  • Company feature enabled

  • Set intercom's `company_id` with a value that will match to a Salesforce field

  • Changes (create / update) to company data in Intercom

  • Changes (create / update) to account data in Salesforce

Companies Disabled

If a workspace doesn't have company features enabled, a warning is shown in the Salesforce application settings page.

To rectify, navigate to Settings > Workspace > General and enable. Once this step is completed, you'll need to ensure companies are being created in Intercom.

No existing companies

If company features are enabled, the next requirement would be to create companies in Intercom using the messenger snippet or through the API. While creating or updating a company, `company_id` should be set to the value of the salesforce field used for mapping.

Once this step is completed, ensure companies are being created/updated.

No Company triggers

This means new companies aren't being created in intercom and existing ones aren't being updated to trigger the sync to salesforce.

To address this, follow the same steps mentioned in "No existing companies"

No Account triggers

This means accounts aren't being created in salesforce and existing ones aren't being updated to trigger the sync to Intercom.

To address this, companies need to be created and updated in salesforce, with the desired mapping field in salesforce matching intercom's `company_id`

Configured but no Identity mappings

If no account identity mappings have been created, this means the selected salesforce field to map to doesn't match intercom's `company_id`.

To remedy this for current users, we've sampled some companies and tried to match them to accounts in salesforce, in order to suggest a field that would lead to mappings.


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