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Optimize your article order
Optimize your article order

Display your most important articles first, so they're easy to find

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To help your customers find what they need, carefully consider which articles should come first in your Help Center. To re-order your articles in a collection, just click the icon on the left and use it to drag and drop any article into the place you’d like it to appear. 

Here are some ideas for ordering your articles to be most helpful for customers: 

1. Place the most important articles first 

Carefully consider which articles are most valuable for your customers - these are the articles they’ll look for first so they should be front and center. For example, if you have a collection called ‘Tracking progress’ and it’s full of FAQ articles, place the question customers ask most first. 

Pro tip: If you’re not sure what your most valuable articles are, just check out your Insights page to see which articles people view most

2. Or lead with the first important step  

Or if your articles make more sense coming one after the other, like if together they make up a workflow, you could arrange them that way too. For example, your install article should come before your configuration article. This works well if you have mostly how-to articles in a particular collection. 

Test your site structure 

Invite your customers to do a card sorting exercise to test how intuitive your Help Center structure is. We recommend using Optimal Workshop where your customers can sort cards into categories that make sense to them. You may uncover a new structure that’s far easier for your customers to navigate. 

What’s next? 

Now that you’ve ordered your articles in the best way, see how you can gather quick feedback so you can improve them


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