You don’t want to waste time writing articles your customers don’t need. The ‘Write new articles’ section on your Articles Insights page shows you which terms customers searched for most, but didn’t find. When you create an article for any of these topics, you’ll know people will actively search for and read it.  

Close the loop between content and search 

We recommend writing an article for each topic customers would find useful. Here are some tips: 

1. Understand the customers’ job

Ask yourself, ‘what task were customers trying to do or what question were they trying to answer when they searched for that term?’ This will help you decide the type of article customers would find most useful. For example:

  • If they searched for the term ‘Slack’ they might want to know how to integrate your app with Slack - create a how-to article detailing the steps. 
  • Or if they searched for ‘productivity’ they might be looking for some productivity tips for their team - create a best practice article, sharing tips on how your own team stay productive. 
  • Or maybe they searched for the term ‘mobile’ to see if you have a mobile version of your app - here you could create an FAQ. 

Note: You know your customers better than anyone else so you’re best placed to guess their search intent 😄 

2. Address product limitations 

If lots of your customers are searching for features your product doesn’t have, you should create an FAQ to explain why you haven’t built it. But don’t just stop at ‘no, we don’t have this.’ - provide alternative tips they can try with your product to do the job they need. For example, maybe there’s an integration with another product you could share a link to. 

At Intercom, we found that lots of our customers were searching for the term ‘Magento’ so we created a short FAQ for it. Note that we let customers know that we might build an integration in the future (which gave them an insight into our possible future plans). We also linked to a useful third party integration they could use in the meantime. 

Pro tip: Insights also gives suggestions for what you should build next. If people are consistently searching for features your product doesn’t have, you should feed this valuable data back to your product team. 

3. Help customers find the content they need 

Help Center search is based on the number of times a search term appears in the title, description, and body of the article.
These locations are weighted so search terms in the title are ranked highest, then the description, and last the body. Add the keywords customers are searching for in these three places to ensure the right articles are returned first. 👌 

What’s next? 

Articles Insights also show you which articles you need to review. Next, we recommend improving your articles that get negative reactions.

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