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How to send outbound WhatsApp messages via the Help Desk.

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With the WhatsApp integration installed on your workspace, you can start a new WhatsApp conversation with a customer from the Help Desk. WhatsApp allows you to use pre-approved message templates, which you’ll be able to select and send to a customer.

Get started

Start a new conversation from the Help Desk and select WhatsApp as the message type.

Then select the WhatsApp business number you want to send the message from.

Now add the customer who you want to send the message to. You can only send messages 1:1 (you can’t send a template to multiple customers on WhatsApp).

Note: The customer phone number used to send the WhatsApp message is the “Phone” attribute of the user or lead in Intercom. It should ideally be in E.164 format, e.g. +441234123412. Adding and managing phone numbers is the same as SMS.

Then choose the message template you want to send. Do this by either:

  • K and type Insert WhatsApp template, or

  • Clicking on the Choose template button, or

  • Clicking on the thunderbolt sign and selecting Insert WhatsApp template.

You’ll see a list of message templates available for the business number you selected.


  • You can create new WhatsApp templates from your WhatsApp Manager.

  • Sending message templates with variables (i.e. first name attributes) or rich media content including images is currently not supported from the Help Desk.

Once you’ve selected a message template and the language, it will be ready to send.

After you send the message, you’ll be redirected to the new conversation created.

If there was a previous open conversation with this customer, that conversation will be closed and will link to this new outbound conversation in your inbox.

Important: You should comply with WhatsApp’s policy for sending outbound messages.

Customer experience

Your customer will receive the message template as a WhatsApp message.

Note: WhatsApp conversations are visible in reporting and also work with channel filters.


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