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Trigger a Checklist to send automatically with rules
Trigger a Checklist to send automatically with rules

Choose who to send your checklist to and when.

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Now that you’ve composed and configured your Checklist, define the rules for who should receive it. Checklists can be triggered automatically using rules and scheduling.

Trigger using audience rules

Checklists can be targeted at specific users using page targeting and attribute rules in the same way as other Proactive Support messages.

For example, if you want to send a Checklist to new users of your product to help them onboard, you could specify the rules to only send to users who "Signed up less than 1 day ago".

Create a schedule

You can also schedule a start/stop date for the Checklist to send, as well as specify the dates and times in which it can be sent to your customers.

Sending Checklists more than once

Series allows you to automatically orchestrate content to send based on whether or not customers have completed important milestones.

This means you could send periodic reminders to customers who haven’t completed their Checklist, or send customers who have completed their Checklist another Checklist to help them discover more value from your product (just an idea 😉).

If you include Checklists in a Series that has re-entry enabled, customers will be able to receive the same Checklist more than once.

Currently, standalone Checklists (those that are not created as part of a Series), can’t be sent to a customer more than once.

Set a Goal

Add a goal to help measure the effectiveness of this Checklist in driving customers to take the right action. For example, if this Checklist is designed to activate new customers who haven’t created a project, you could set a goal where “total_projects_created is increased”.

Preview and test

Before sending your Checklist to customers, it's a good idea to target the Checklist at a test user account so that you can check that any step actions and auto-resolve rules you've included are working as expected.

You may be able to do this by specifying the email or name associated with your test account in the Rules.

Set it live

When you’re happy with how your Checklist is set up, go ahead and set it live.

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