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AI Articles [Beta]
AI Articles [Beta]

Learn about the AI-powered features for your Help Center articles.

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Introducing AI Articles, saving time and cognitive load for teams creating help center content, and providing customers with more self-serve resources, faster. This feature is integrated with OpenAI’s GPT 3.5.

How it works

Paste a summary of the content you want to explain and use the AI-powered article generator within Intercom Articles to generate a full article version (which can be edited or updated as required).

Get started

To enable this feature, navigate to your workspace Settings > General > Help Desk AI and toggle on "AI Articles".


  • This beta is currently not available on EU and AUS data hosted workspaces.

  • You can also enable Help Desk AI features.

How these features are being used by Support teams

Support teams are using AI Articles to turn simple bullet points and short summaries into an instant first draft.

They're also using Help Desk AI to:

  • Summarize - Support reps are using the AI Summarize feature when handing over conversations or escalating to a different team and bringing them up to speed quickly. The summaries help other teams get caught up with the specifics efficiently and allows them to determine next steps quicker. They also use it to summarize very long conversations, helping reps get up to speed quicker.

  • Compose - Support reps are using the AI Compose feature to expand or rephrase their replies and macros. This makes their responses more personal, as they are well adjusted to their personal tone. Also, they’ll use it when they want to check their grammar or translate their reply into the customer's language.

  • Autofill - Support reps are using AI Autofill to automatically populate ticket titles and description when creating a new ticket.


Are there any additional costs to using this feature?

AI Articles is currently in beta and can be used at no additional cost. For more information, visit the Beta Terms of Service (you must be logged in to your Intercom workspace to view this article).

If I enable this feature, will my whole team get this or only me?

Once enabled, your whole workspace will get access to AI Articles, so the feature will be available for all teammates and can't be limited to specific teammates/teams.

Is this feature available on EU and AU hosted workspaces?

No, at the moment the AI Articles beta isn't supported on EU or AUS hosted workspaces.

What languages does this feature work with?

We are currently testing and developing in English.

Do these features only work with ChatGPT, or other AI models too?

Currently, AI Articles is integrated with OpenAI’s GPT 3.5.

How is Intercom handling privacy/data security?

You will need to agree to your data being sent to OpenAI as a subprocessor. Learn more in the Beta Terms of Service (you must be logged in to your Intercom workspace to view this article).

What safeguards are in place to avoid abuse/misuse?

The AI Articles feature is agent-facing rather than customer-facing, and requires human input/review.

Are there additional legal terms I need to agree to in order to joint the beta?

Yes, AI Articles beta participation is subject to the Beta Terms of Service (you must be logged in to your Intercom workspace to view this article).


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