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AI features available in the inbox
AI features available in the inbox

How to use inbox AI features for writing replies, automating tasks, and teammate support.

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Inbox AI features support teammates with answering questions, troubleshooting, writing replies and automating tasks in the inbox. These features are integrated with OpenAI’s GPT models.

Inbox AI features

Fin AI Copilot

With Fin AI Copilot seamlessly integrated into your inbox, you can get instant, expert answers sourced from your team's conversation history, internal articles, public articles, and external content. Teammates can get support with:

  • Finding answers to customer queries in one place.

  • Troubleshooting complex issues.

  • Training and onboarding processes and material.

  • Working more efficiently in the inbox.

AI Compose

Easily rephrase answers, adjust to your tone, translate replies or fix spelling.

  • Expand or Rephrase - write shorthand customer responses and let the AI generate a complete suggested or rephrased message.

  • Change tone - automatically change the tone of the message you’ve written to sound more like your own tone, be more casual/friendly or more formal depending on what suits your business or the situation.

  • Fix grammar - fix your grammar and spelling mistakes, to ensure your replies are always flawless.

  • Translate - translate your message into another language if you're handling a query in a different language.

After using one of the AI Compose options, teammates can choose to accept, undo, or try again.

AI Summarize

Create an AI-generated summary of a customer conversation or ticket. To pull up the AI Compose options quickly, just hit ⌘ J / Ctrl J . Teammates can choose to edit a summary first before adding the Note to the conversation, or add the Note straight away.

Summaries can also be generated automatically using Workflows. Check it out here.

AI Autofill

Automatically populate ticket titles and description when creating a ticket.

Inbox AI features are available on EU and AU hosted workspaces, but the data is currently processed in the US. Regional data processing will become available in 2024.

Get started

To enable Inbox AI features, navigate to your workspace Settings > AI & Automation > Inbox AI and toggle the desired features on.

AI Compose & Summarize will be enabled automatically for new customers who joined since September 12, 2023.

How these features are being used by Support teams

  • AI Copilot - Teammates are finding answers and troubleshooting customer queries, and getting support while onboarding with all resources available in one place.

  • Rephrase - Support reps are using the 'Rephrase' feature to add some variety into their replies and macros. This makes their responses more personal, as they are also well adjusted to their personal tone. They use it to make replies more fun and engaging. Also, they’ll use it when they feel like their response is a little awkward. It gives them a new way to say the same thing with clarity.

  • Make more formal - Some teammates like using the ‘Make more formal’ feature because it helps them tune-up their language in cases where that’s appropriate.

  • Summarize - Support reps are using 'Summarize' when handing over conversations or escalating to a different team and bringing them up to speed quickly. The summaries help other teams get caught up with the specifics efficiently and allows them to determine next steps quicker. They also use it to summarize very long conversations, helping reps get up to speed quicker.

  • Expand - Help center content creators are turning simple bullet points and short summaries into an instant first draft with AI Articles.

Metadata in the Intercom API

AI summaries are also available via the Intercom API. To see the AI summaries, search for an individual conversation at this endpoint, and AI summaries should appear as a conversation part type of conversation_summary.


Which languages does the AI translate feature support?

Croatian, Danish, English, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Are there any additional costs to using these features?

Fin AI Copilot is available with included usage on all plans. Unlimited usage can be given to individual teammates as an add-on to your subscription. Learn more.

AI Compose 'Adjust my Tone', AI Summarize, and AI Autofill is only available on some pricing plans. For additional information, visit the Additional Product Terms.

How is Intercom handling privacy/data security?

You will need to agree to your data being sent to OpenAI as a subprocessor. Learn more in the Additional Product Terms.

What safeguards are in place to avoid abuse/misuse?

Inbox AI features are agent-facing rather than customer-facing, and require human input/review.

Are there additional legal terms I need to agree to in order to use the features?

Yes, all Inbox AI participation is subject to the Additional Product Terms.

What are smart replies?

Smart replies are AI-powered suggested greetings in the inbox composer that teammates can accept/reject using the tab key. They’re based on common greetings teammates have used in the past e.g. “Hi, this is Alissa from the support team”.

Smart replies are automatically enabled for all workspaces and can't be toggled on/off from Settings.

Inbox AI features will work with multiple languages based on the 'Language' attribute of the conversation.

For example, if the detected locale of a customer is Brazil, the conversation language will be set to Portuguese and the summary will be translated accordingly.

This is based on the following criteria:

  1. The language automatically detected in the initial customer message of the conversation, based on your Messenger's supported languages.

  2. If no language is detected in the initial customer message, it will use the customer's current Messenger location. If there is no Messenger location for the customer, it will use the workspace's location.


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