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Explore your Custom report data
Explore your Custom report data

Get a closer look at conversations or export conversations and chart data as a CSV.

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Once you’ve created charts in your Custom report, you can explore the data by using the Chart drill-in feature, or export the data as a CSV file.

Dive deeper into conversations

The Chart drill-in feature facilitates in-depth data exploration and root cause analysis, offering a detailed view of the data used to calculate metrics in a given chart.

In each of your charts, the Actions dropdown menu (or the Explore option in chart edit mode) includes a button labeled "Chart drill-in".

Export conversations or chart data as CSV

Exporting your charts allows you to explore the data in its raw format for troubleshooting and analysis. This provides a CVS file containing:

  • Conversations - Conversation ID and URL for all conversations included in this chart for you to further explore the data behind the chart.

  • Chart data - the chart data points in a tabular format.

For example, if you have a chart that displays the first response time for all conversations in the last 30 days, the export will show all those conversations and their corresponding first response time.

You can download the CSV from two places:

From the Actions menu on the chart in your custom report, click Export chart data.

Or, from the Explore data when editing a chart, click Export chart data.


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