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Improve email deliverability with link branding for email assets.

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You can now use link branding to configure a custom domain for email assets. This allows your email assets (links, images, unsubscribe links, teammate uploads) to appear to be from your custom domain.

By default, all emails sent from Intercom with email assets have URLs that reference Intercom and the workspace name. This means that when a customer receives an email and hovers over a link, they will see something like this:

Configuring link branding makes emails look more credible: customers might be less hesitant to click on links when they see your company name in the link. Additionally, email service providers scan these links to determine whether the email looks trustworthy enough to deliver.

By implementing link branding, you gain more control over deliverability of your emails as they would no longer rely on a domain that is owned by Intercom and that you don’t control (

You can configure link branding for emails in Settings > Emails > Link branding.

You will need to add a CNAME record and configure SSL in your domain provider’s website. After completing this step, if Verify and save is successful, your custom domain will be used for all email assets.

You can remove the custom domain and it will return to the default. You can also update the domain with a new one.

Periodically checking if the custom domain is valid

For workspaces that have link branding set up, we periodically check whether the custom asset domain is valid, because the SSL certificate associated with the domain can expire or be removed.

If this periodic check fails, we will display an error banner in the Email composer and the Link branding page.

Error banner in the Email composer:

Error banner in the Link branding page:

You can manually run a check by clicking the Check status button in the banner on the Link branding page. If it is successful, the error will resolve. If not, the error message will display as a notification.

Troubleshooting an issue with your custom domain

If the error persists after clicking Check status try the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Update the CNAME record or SSL configuration per instructions linked in the banner.

  • Update the custom domain for email assets value on the Link branding page.

  • Remove custom domain for email assets and fall back to using the default Intercom host (this is the quickest way to resolve and unblock email assets for newly created emails)

  • An issue with link branding settings that originates from this periodic check will not prevent you from setting emails live, but it will make email assets look broken (images won’t open, click tracking will not work, links will be broken).

  • With link branding enabled, email assets are still stored with Intercom. The only difference is that the links will appear as if they are stored on your domain.

  • We only support one custom email asset domain per workspace.


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