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Preview and set Workflows live
Preview and set Workflows live

Find out how to preview your Workflows before you set them live for customers.

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You can preview your Workflow in Intercom or privately on any webpage, where you’ve installed the Intercom Messenger.

Click Preview in the top right corner of the Workflows builder.


  • If you’ve just built your Workflow, you’ll need to click Save and close before you can preview the Workflow.

  • You must fix any path errors before you can save and preview and Workflow.

  • Workflow preview conversations are excluded from reporting.

  • Workflow preview runs with a dedicated logged-in user called Preview User; these conversations are visible in the Inbox so you can easily test conversations before going live.

Preview a Workflow from the Intercom preview

This opens a modal with a live Messenger displaying an interactive preview.

Click on the reply buttons to start testing and previewing your Workflow.

Such Preview conversation will also be visible in the inbox. So you can see how it actually would look when chatting with the customer. It will appear as conversation with Preview User

Preview a Workflow on a website with Intercom installed

To see what the Workflow would look like on your site, click Preview from a website and select a page where the Messenger is installed.

A new window will open where you can see your Workflow in action and interact with it on this website.

Setting a Workflow live

Once you’re happy with the Workflow and you’ve set up rules and scheduling, you can go ahead and click Set live.

Test a live Workflow only with yourself or your teammates

If you or your team want to test a Workflow live in action before any customers see it, you can target the Workflow with an audience of only yourself or your teammates and then set it live.

To do this, simply select the Email attribute from the Workflow trigger settings, and enter your own email address — or “contains” your company’s email domain (


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