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Automatically qualify leads using Workflows
Automatically qualify leads using Workflows

How to qualify leads using Workflows and set up follow-up rules.

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Automate simple tasks and qualify your leads so you can spend more time focusing on having conversations with them. Set up a Workflow that asks your leads questions to qualify them, and then takes the follow-up action you choose, like assigning your lead to a team.

Capture new leads' contact details

When a visitor starts a conversation with you in the Messenger, they become a lead.

Using the Customer sends their first message Workflow trigger for their email address or phone number so they get your reply even if they leave your site.

When a visitor leaves their details, the Workflow will add it to their profile in Intercom:

Setting up your lead qualification Workflow

To get started, you can choose the "Collect contact details from leads" template or you can build your own workflow from scratch.

Once you have created a new workflow you can add data you want the to collect from your leads.

Then, you'll be able to select which data attribute you want to collect and whether you want to allow your customers to update pre-existing data:

Choose the right qualification data for your business

  • Let automation focus on the simple tasks, like collecting each lead’s name, company name and company size. Your teammates should then ask questions that require more in-depth answers, like the goal the lead is hoping to achieve with your product.

  • Keep your target customer in mind when selecting the data you’ll ask them for, so you capture the most relevant information for your sales team.

  • Only ask your leads for details they’ll be comfortable giving you over chat so you can qualify them more easily. If you’d like to know your lead’s revenue, for example, give them a multiple choice of ranges instead of asking for one figure.

Automatically assign leads with specific answers to specific teams

You can create Branches that do if-then checks and send your leads down relevant paths based on conditions you specify.

For example, can check data your leads inputted (like Company size) then route their conversations to the right team or send any relevant follow-up messages:

Create follow up rules for different leads

You can easily set up more rules if you’d like to take different follow up actions with your leads, based on the answers they’ve given.

Simply add an action to Apply rules within a path.

Then click on the + Add rule to add conditional rules with follow up actions.

For example, if you wanted to follow up with qualified leads based on their company size, you could set up two rules to:

  • Assign leads from companies with more than 50 employees to your VIP sales team and add the ‘VIP’ tag.

  • Assign leads from companies with fewer than 51 employees to your sales team and add the ‘SMB’ tag.

Now, different actions will apply to leads with different company sizes to suit how your sales teams work.

To give priority to one rule over another, add it as the first rule or drag and drop it to the top of the list. If a lead triggers one rule, they won’t trigger any of the subsequent rules.


What happens when the lead replies to a conversation that was auto-closed?

The conversation will re-open.

Is it possible to have more than one follow-up as an action?

You can only use one use-facing app per follow-up, so you can tag and send to Salesforce, and assign, but only use one app or custom reply, etc.

Is there any possibility that leads will get into a loop of Operator conversations and not be able to speak with an agent?

No, Operator won't put them through the same flow once they've already been qualified or disqualified.


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