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Get started with Intercom by integrating Stripe
Get started with Intercom by integrating Stripe

Sync your user's activity with Intercom whenever they make a payment through Stripe.

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If you don't want to install the Intercom Messenger just yet, you can sign up to Intercom through a Stripe integration. You’ll be able to create an Intercom account and sync user data to Intercom whenever someone makes a payment through Stripe. And we’ll continuously pull in user and live sales data like your users’ plan and account balance. 

Install the Stripe app

Go to the app store, select the Stripe app and click ‘Install now’, then follow the instructions provided: 

Important: Integrating with Stripe alone will not let you send in-app messages or use the Intercom Messenger. You’ll need to install the Intercom JavaScript code and start a trial or subscription for Intercom to do this. 


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