If you don't want to install the Intercom Messenger just yet, you can sign up to Intercom through a Stripe integration. You’ll be able to create an Intercom account and sync user data to Intercom whenever someone makes a payment through Stripe. And we’ll continuously pull in user and live sales data like your users’ plan and account balance. 

  1. First, enter your email address on the Intercom homepage and create your account. 

2. Next, start your free trial. 

Here's how your free trial works: 

  • You'll get a 14 day free trial of each product, which you can start at any time.
  • After your free trial ends, Intercom's products start at $49/month.
  • If you cancel in the first 14 days you won't be charged. 

3. Go to the app store, select the Stripe app and click ‘Install now’, then follow the instructions provided: 

Important: Integrating with Stripe alone will not let you send in-app messages or use the Intercom Messenger. You’ll need to install the Intercom JavaScript code to do this. 

What’s next?

  • Watch a demo: If you'd like to learn how to use Intercom from the people who built it, watch a prerecorded demo.
  • Finish setting up: Once you’re logged in to your Intercom account, open the Intercom Setup Guide (lower left hand side of your screen) to finish setting up.
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