It’s easy to install Intercom on your WordPress site and start chatting with your leads and users.

If you haven't got one already, you'll need to start an Intercom trial. 👌

Then, log in to your WordPress website and click "Add New" on your plugins page:

Next, search for and install the official "Intercom" plugin:

Then, go to Intercom’s plugin settings page in WordPress and click "Connect with Intercom":

Once you confirm your WordPress site address and authenticate with your Intercom account, you’ll be able to chat to your leads and users on your WordPress site:

Now you can grow your business with Intercom, like Dailius 👇

After we installed Intercom we saw an 8% boost in inbound lead requests via our pricing page.

Changing the Intercom account connected to your website

If you’d like to change the Intercom account you've connected to your website, just go to Intercom’s plugin settings in WordPress, and click the link at the bottom of the page to reconnect with a different account:


  • If you’re using the Intercom plugin to chat to logged-out visitors only, you'll need to log out of WordPress before visiting your site to complete the installation.

  • You must have WordPress 4.2.0 and PHP 5.6 or higher for the plugin to work correctly.

  • If you need to customize your Intercom installation, you can manually install Intercom on your website using JavaScript.

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