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Trigger AI summaries from Workflows
Trigger AI summaries from Workflows

How to automatically post AI summaries in conversations using Workflows.

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Automatically post AI-generated conversation summaries using Workflows. With a simple setup process, you can ensure that key information from a conversation is easy to read and readily available to you and your team.

In order to use this action in Workflows, you first need to enable AI Summarize on your workspace.

Add summary note to a Workflow

From a Workflow, simply add the Summary note action to a Workflow:

Once the Workflow triggers, an AI summary will be posted to the conversation:


  • This is currently not available on EU and AU data hosted workspaces.

  • AI Summarize is only available on some pricing plans.

  • There are some instances in which a summary won't get posted. A summary will only get posted:

    • If there have been more than 3 messages in the conversation

    • A max of 2x per conversation per hour.

    • If there have been less than 1000 summaries per workspace per hour.

Common use cases for auto AI summaries

  1. After closing conversations: This is useful in cases where conversations reopen and you want to get up to speed quickly with what has happened in the conversation so far. It’s also useful when reviewing conversations retroactively for quality assurance.

  2. After a bot hands over to a teammate: This is useful so you can understand what the bot tried to do before the conversation landed in your inbox.


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