Segment out your active users for messaging

It's best to only message active users. Use these filters to find your active users!

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The best way to ensure good performance for your messages is to make sure you're  messaging active, engaged users. All of the default filters available in your Intercom app can help you to target specific users with perfect accuracy.

If you are struggling with low open rates for your messages, it is good to assess your filtering and targeting to be sure that you are messaging the right users.

Create a segment of active users

You can segment your active users from the rest of your users for easy targeting. We recommend using the following filters for your active users segment:

  1. Change your filtering to Match any filters

  2. Add Last seen less than 30 days ago

  3. Add Signed up less than 30 days ago

  4. Add Last opened email less than 30 days ago

  5. Add Last clicked link in email less than 30 days ago

This will return all users who signed up recently, logged in recently, or who interacted with your emails recently.

Note: You can change the time window in which you set these filters. However we would recommend not contacting users who show no activity for more than 180 days.

If users aren't triggering any of the above actions, it's safe to say they might not be using your product anymore 😢 However, it's unsafe to continue messaging users who are inactive as they may bounce or mark your messages as spam. 

If a large number of recipients delete your messages without opening them, email service providers will see you as a poor sender and may start to filter your content to the spam folder also.

If you would like to further explore filtering and segmenting your users, check out this article.


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