It’s easy to control who sees the standard Messenger launcher on your website, so your sales team can chat to more of the types of leads you want and have higher quality conversations.

Here’s how to ensure only visitors you want to chat to can get in touch: 

Note: Controlling which visitors can see the Messenger launcher is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here

Just open the ‘Control inbound conversations and launcher visibility’ section of your Messenger settings and make sure you’ve opted to show the launcher to visitors. Then, select ‘Visitors who match certain data.’ 

Finally, select ‘Add data’ and choose the attribute or attributes you want to filter visitors by. For example, if you find that too many visitors are writing in and your sales team is spending too much time on low value leads, then you could only show the Messenger launcheron pages of your website where visitors have a stronger intent to buy, such as the pricing page.

You can add as many attributes as you like. For example, below we’ve chosen to show the launcher to US visitors on the who landed on the pricing page from a specific online marketing campaign.

You can switch from ‘Match all’ to ‘Match any’ rules. For example, you could set this up so that visitors to any 5 different page URLs on your site would see the launcher.


  • Any auto messages and replies you send to users and visitors will still be delivered, even if they can’t see the Messenger launcher. 

  • You can only hide the standard Messenger launcher. Your custom launcher will work as before. 

  • Your Messenger visibility settings will also apply to your Help Center

Get even more targeted with who can see the Messenger launcher

If you’ve set up our Clearbit Reveal integration, we’ll pull in a bunch of additional data that you can use to target your ideal visitors. For example, you could set the launcher to appear for high value prospects who work at eCommerce companies with over 100 employees, who have raised $1,000,000 in funding. 

Note: You’ll need a Clearbit Reveal API Account to integrate with Clearbit. 

Showing Messenger apps to specific people

When you install apps on your Messenger home, you can define a target audience for each app individually to ensure a tailored, relevant experience for your visitors, leads & users. 👍

What’s next?

When your visitors get in touch with you, they’ll become leads. And you can automatically qualify them with our bot, Operator.

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