Welcome to Intercom. We put together this quick guide to help you get started with configuring your product on day 1.

Step 1: Import your users

Once you've installed Intercom, make sure to import your user data. We provide a simple way for you to import a list of users via CSV, Mailchimp or Mixpanel

Step 2: Configure Intercom to be about your product or site

Now its time to configure Intercom to be about your product or site.

  1. Customize the Intercom messenger to match your brand.

  2. Group your users by company.

Step 3: Configure for you and your team

Next, you need to configure Intercom so that it's set up properly for your team.

  1. Set admin permissions

  2. Set up 2fa and Google Sign-On 

  3. Set your notification settings

  4. Enable identity verification to keep your data safe.

Step 4: Customize Intercom to be about your users

Finally, you need to start sending Intercom data specific to your users.

  1. Send Intercom custom user attributes

  2. Start tracking user events

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