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Manage permissions effortlessly with custom roles
Manage permissions effortlessly with custom roles

Create custom roles to assign consistent permissions to your team — Keep your workspace secure and compliant.

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Custom roles are reusable sets of permissions that you can assign to teammates in your Intercom workspace. They make it simple to update permissions for a large group of people all at once.

Note: Check our plans and pricing to add this to your subscription.

Create a new custom role

To create a new role, go to Settings > General > Teams & roles, switch to the roles tab and click ‘New role’:

Enter a name and description for your role: 

Tip: The description should be clear for anyone using this role, so they can see exactly what it allows teammates to do in Intercom.

Next, select the permissions that people with this role will have:

Then save your new role: 

Assigning roles to your teammates

To assign a role to a teammate, go to Settings > General > Teammates and click “Edit” on the teammate whose role you want to change: 

To assign a role to many teammates, check the box next to their names, and click “Edit permissions”: 

From here you can set permissions manually by switching them on or off in the list, or choose one of your custom roles from the dropdown on the right:

Then save your changes:

Tip: To find a specific teammate, or see all teammates with a certain role, use the dropdown or search box above the list:

Important: For your teammates to access the Inbox, they must have an Inbox seat.

Editing or deleting a custom role

To edit a custom role, go to Settings > General > Teams & roles, switch to the roles tab and click the gear icon on the role you’d like to edit:

Important: You cannot edit your own role, or your own permissions. This is a security measure to ensure every workspace has at least one teammate with admin permissions.

You can then adjust the permissions assigned to this role:

Pro tip: If you make major changes to the permissions, make sure you update the description for the role so it’s clear to your other teammates.

Click ‘Apply changes’, and confirm the new permissions:

These permissions will immediately apply to all teammates with the selected role.

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