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Get a Demo app: let leads request a demo
Get a Demo app: let leads request a demo

Capture and qualify leads who want a product demo.

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When new prospects visit your site, you can give them a way to request a demo - and qualify them at the same time.

Important: This app is only available in English. Regardless of your Messenger language settings, user interface of Get a Demo app will always be shown in English.

With the Get a Demo app, your visitors can request to book a demo with you right from your Messenger home.

When a visitor requests a demo, you can choose up to three qualification questions for them to answer before they can complete the request. This will allow your sales team to identify and follow up with quality leads who request a demo.

Once they’ve requested the demo, your visitors will be converted to leads in the your Contacts, and their qualification data will be added to their profile. You can also choose which teammates should get notified by email. 

Set up the Get a Demo app

First, go to the app store and install the ‘Get a demo’ app:

Once installed, go to the app's settings to set it up:

Next, add a title, description and call-to-action text to your app:

You should keep your description short and snappy, so your leads can quickly understand what they’ll get from the demo, before they request one.

Then, you can set up to three pieces of qualification data you’d like to ask your visitors for:

Email is a mandatory qualification field, so that you can contact leads after they’ve requested a demo. You can choose from standard or custom data.

​Next, add a confirmation message that leads will see once they've finished adding their qualification data.

You can also share a link to allow leads book a meeting directly in your calendar.

You can easily add a link to your public calendar, or choose from a Google calendar you've already connected to Intercom.

You can also create a personalized calendar link using the Google Calendar app.

Lastly, you can choose to notify a team or teammate when a lead requests a demo:

You can also choose to notify every teammate in your Intercom account by selecting ‘Everyone’.

Once you’ve completed setup, you can add the ‘Get a demo’ app to your Messenger home.

This app only notifies you via email. It does not send an inbox notification.

Best practices for managing demo requests from leads 

Assign demo requests to the right team

With the ‘Get a demo’ app, you can choose who gets notified about your demos. If your sales or support teams usually manages one-to-one demos with your customers, you should assign your demo requests to their inbox. Then they’ll receive an email when a new lead requests a demo, so they can reply quickly.

Define the right qualification data for your business

You’ll need to define the qualification data that’s most useful to collect about your leads. The data you add, should help your sales team quickly identify and focus on promising prospects. Here’s more on asking your leads the right qualification questions.

Scale your product demos

If you’re receiving too many product demo requests to run one-on-one sessions for each, you should scale them into group events, like webinars.

What’s next?

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