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Intercom App Store explained
Intercom App Store explained

The app store is where you’ll find apps built by Intercom, apps built by other companies, and Messenger apps.

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The Intercom App Store is where you’ll find a collection of public apps that connect to Intercom. It contains both apps built by Intercom, and apps built by other companies.

To access it, just click on the app store icon in your main menu:

You’ll now see a list of all apps in the app store. You can filter by collection, like ‘For sales teams’, ‘For marketing teams’ and ‘For support teams’ from the top left-hand menu. 

Or, you can filter by category, like ‘Analytics’, ‘Automation’, ‘Lead capture’, etc. 

Or, you can filter by which Intercom product this app works with:

You can also search for specific apps using the search bar:

How do I install an app?

To install an app, just click on one of the apps in the app store and follow the short instructions.

After you've installed an app, your teammates will automatically be notified so everyone can make use of the new functionality.

How can I tell if an app is free or requires a subscription?

When you click on an app, at the top of the listing it will tell you whether it is 'Free', if you can 'Trial for free', if 'Some features free', or if it is a 'Paid' app. To get more information on pricing, or to learn what's included, you can reach out to the developer of the app.


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