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Ask a Question app: learn more about your customers
Ask a Question app: learn more about your customers
Ask your customers an important question to gather valuable info about them.
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With the Ask a Question app, you can ask your customers an important question and store their answer as an attribute in Intercom. Then, you can use this data to send customers more targeted messages and campaigns. 

For example, you can ask your new customers why they signed up for your product. Then, you can use their answer to send more relevant onboarding messages about the specific use case the user is interested in.

Note: You can use the Ask a Question app in your messages, conversations and Messenger home screen. 

Here’s how the Ask a Question app works and how to make the most of it: 

First, install the app 

First, go to the app store, and select the Ask a Question app:

Then, select ‘Install now’: 

Lastly, click ‘Connect’: 

Send the  ‘Ask a question’ app in messages 

When you’re creating your messages, just click on the plus icon to insert a Messenger app. Then click ‘Insert app’:

Now, select an attribute you’d like to collect. Just search for an attribute, or choose from your list:

If you don’t see the attribute you’d like to collect, you can easily add a new piece of data:

Note: You can only collect people data with the Ask a Question app. You can’t collect company data.

Next, add the question you want to ask your customers. For example, you could ask ‘What do you use our product for?’ 

You can also add context to your message before sending it, by including text with the Ask a Question app.

The component used to collect your customers’ answer depends on the type of attribute you’ve chosen to collect (boolean, text, number, list option). 

For example, here I’ve set my ‘use case’ attribute as a list. So that’s how it will show for customers. Customers can then choose their answer from the list, and submit it:

How the Ask a Question app displays for customers:

If you send the Ask a Question app as an in-app message, it will appear for your customer when they match the rule/rules you’ve set for that message. 

They’ll be able to click the drop-down arrow and select an item from the list.

Share the Ask a Question app in conversations 

You can easily share the Ask a Question app during conversation, so you can automatically gather valuable info while you chat: 

Add the app to your Messenger home

It’s also easy to add to Ask a Question app to your Messenger home to prompt customers to leave their data, without needing to start a conversation. 

Note: This is an additional layer to qualification. If you send the Ask a Question app to visitors and they interact with the app, a lead record won't be created. To create a lead record, they must also reply to the conversation.

Ideas for attributes to collect: 

Of course, the data you ask your customers for depends on what your business wants to achieve. But here are some ideas to get you started. 

  • You can ask new users what they’re hoping to achieve with your product. Then, you can add those users to an onboarding campaign that helps them achieve the jobs they need.  

  • You can prompt customers to register their interest in a marketing initiative, like an event or product launch, so they can opt in to receive an invite or updates later on down the line. 

  • You can ask your customers for their birthday, then send them a message on their birthday. 

  • You can ask customers for their address, then delight them by sending them a gift, like your latest printed ebook or a branded t-shirt, for example. 

What’s next? 

Once you gather your new attributes, send your customers targeted messages based on the data they’ve give you. 


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