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Share articles to answer questions faster
Share articles to answer questions faster

Add articles to conversations to quickly resolve your customers' questions

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The Articles add-on is even more powerful when you use them via Intercom Help Desk. You and your team can add articles to conversations to answer your customers’ questions faster.

Find and send articles to answer questions

When a customer asks a question, their message will arrive in your inbox, where you can add an article directly to the conversation to resolve their query quicker.

Use the shortcut ⌘/Ctrl Shift H , or click Insert an article in the shortcuts menu, then select the article you want to add.

If you support multiple languages in your Help Center, select which version of the article you’d like to send:

Then, go ahead and add it:

Your article will be inserted into the conversation, where you can add additional context to your message before sending it:

Note: The 'Article Inserter' app must be installed for the keyboard shortcut and feature to work.

Share articles in context

When you send your article, your customer will see a preview of it where they can scan the title and description, before reading it:

Once they click the preview, it expands to show the full article in the Messenger, so they can read it in context:

Note: Your customers can react to articles directly from the Messenger so you can gather feedback.

If you’ve translated the article into multiple languages, your customers can choose to read it in their preferred language:

Note: Supporting multiple languages in your Help Center is only available on certain Intercom plans.

Include articles in your macros

You can add articles to your macros, to offer comprehensive responses to frequent questions. When creating or editing a macro, just click the insert article icon:

Get article feedback to improve your content

Operator’s article feedback task bot allows you to go beyond answering your customer’s question. Now that you’ve got feedback on your articles, you can also improve them based on conversation data. This should reduce the number of questions your customers start from your articles, saving your support team even more time 😄

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