With the Marketo app, you can enrich your leads with Intercom data to better identify and nurture them. You can:

  • Enrich anonymous Marketo leads with information they provide in Intercom.
  • Automatically send new Intercom leads to Marketo.
  • Automatically sync Intercom conversations with known Marketo leads.
  • Enrich qualified leads with Marketo data automatically.
  • Manually create a Marketo lead in Intercom with a single click.
  • View your lead’s Marketo score and stage in their Intercom profiles.
  • Easily sync your unsubscriptions from Intercom and Marketo. 

Here’s how to get started:

First, install the Marketo app

Go to the app store, and click on the Marketo app:

Note: You'll need a Premium plan to install the Marketo app.

Then, click ‘Install now’: 

Next, connect your Marketo account to Intercom:

You’ll be brought back to the Marketo app’s settings, where you’ll need to add the following Marketo account details: client ID, client secret, API endpoint URL and App endpoint URL. 

Note: For more help on finding details, check out Marketo’s article on finding your client secret and end point URL

To automatically send your new Intercom leads to Marketo, just tick this box:

Next, to enable data enrichment, you'll need to tick this box: 

Note: For data enrichment to work, you'll need to enable the Munchkin API in your Marketo settings.

Lastly, you can choose to automatically sync your unsubscribers across Marketo and Intercom. Just click 'Get app':

 Once you're set up, you can enrich your lead data in a number of ways:

Create Marketo leads while you chat

You can easily create a Marketo lead while you’re chatting to a lead in Intercom. Just click ‘Create Lead’ in your lead’s external profile: 

Once created, you can quickly check your lead’s score and stage in Marketo, directly from Intercom. Just hover over their Marketo profile link to see more data: 

If you’d like to see to your lead’s profile in Marketo, just click on your lead’s name.

Send automatically qualified leads to Marketo

When you’re qualifying leads with Operator, you can automatically follow up by enriching them with Marketo data. 

For example, you could choose to automatically follow up with leads who give you their company name and size. Then, choose ‘Enrich lead in Marketo’ as the follow-up action to enrich their Marketo profiles:

Note: Intercom will send name and email address only, so the lead can be identified in Marketo.

View Intercom conversations in Marketo

You can also easily check your leads’ Intercom conversations in Marketo. Just go to your lead’s Marketo profile to see the activity log entry for their replies to conversations: 

Note: For users, you can also see activity log entries for when the conversation was created. Activities log entries only appear for conversation activities that occurred after you installed the Marketo app.

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