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How we use cookies in the Messenger

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Cookies used by the Intercom messenger are "first-party" cookies assigned to the domain of your website. We take the privacy of your data seriously and these cookies cannot be read by Intercom on other sites, or by other sites using the Intercom messenger. All cookies are unique to your domain.

Here are the cookies used by the Intercom Messenger, their purpose, duration and a brief description:


For more information on how we use cookies for the Intercom website and our application, see our Cookie Policy.


Can unidentified users be tracked across multiple top-level domains (e.g. and

No. We use first-party cookies, which are only readable within a single domain, and therefore we cannot create identities that are shared across domains. We do not track users across domains.

Why don’t you have the secure flag set on your cookies?

We cannot assume that customers use HTTPS and as such, we cannot enforce this on our cookies.

If your site only uses HTTPS you can get in touch with our support team and request us to enable the secure flag for your Messenger cookies.

Why don’t you set the HTTPOnly flag for your cookies?

Our cookies need to be accessed by the Intercom Javascript and therefore we cannot enable this flag.


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