The Intercom Power-Up for Trello helps your team better understand the feature requests, bugs and issues you’re tracking in Trello by adding useful context from Intercom. 

It only takes a few clicks to get set up, and then you’ll be able to quickly find and attach conversations, users and companies from Intercom directly to cards for easy reference. 

Why integrate with Trello? 

This integration is great for helping you and your team understand feature requests and bug reports your customers send you through Intercom. For example, you can: 

  • Assess the priority of a request by seeing how many customers have requested a specific feature. 

  • Understand the context behind a feature request or bug report by seeing the conversations that triggered it.

  • See which customers requested a feature or reported a bug, so you can follow up with them once the feature is live or the bug has been fixed. 

How to add the Intercom Power-Up to a Trello board 

1. Select a Trello board and click ‘Show Menu’ in the sidebar. 

2. Then select the Power-Ups button from your menu. 

3. Scroll down and click ‘Enable’ on the Intercom Power-Up option. 

Important: You’ll need to enable the Intercom Power-Up on each board you’d like add users, conversations and/or companies to. 

4. Finally, you can go to a card on your board and sign into Intercom from there (for example, if you want to link a conversation). 

How to add users, companies and conversations to a Trello card 

Now you can quickly and easily attach Intercom users, companies or conversations to any Trello card on your board. For example, you could search for and attach conversations where customers requested your calendar feature. 

Once you’re in a card, just click on the Intercom Power-Up icon on the right. From here, select the ‘Intercom’ button and choose whether you’d like to attach a user, company or conversation. 

Next, search for the user or company name you’d like to add. Or you can search for a keyword to find specific conversations, like this: 

Once you attach a user, company or conversation to a Trello card, they’ll appear in your attachments with a handy preview so you can get useful context at a glance. Just click the ‘Open in Intercom’ link to view the full profile or conversation in Intercom.   

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