Combining “and” with “or” filters, in your People and Company lists, allows you to create more sophisticated groups of leads and users. It also allows you to be more flexible with your segments, and send more targeted messages, Custom bots and Product Tours.

Here's how:

How to combine ‘And’ with ‘Or’ filters

First, add your first filter:

Then, add an additional filter and apply “and” or “or” logic between them: 

From here, you can turn individual filters into filter groups with the “+” button:

Then, choose the logic you’d like to apply to each filter group:

Now, you can see 'And' and 'Or' rules have been combined to create a more flexible and targeted audience.

Powerful ways to combine filters

Users on specific platforms - You could filter for anyone who uses your iOS or Android app, who has also never used your web app. This allows you to promote cross-platform usage of your app. 

Users who have completed a combination of events - There might be a few different groups of users who could benefit from a new release. With this combination you can find all the people in those groups, who haven’t yet tried your new feature. 

Users in multiple specific locations - This can be helpful for billing announcements that only affect a certain region. E.g. you could find all your paying customers in Australasia if you’re changing the way you handle their payments.

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