Do Custom Bots work on mobile?
Engage users in your iOS and Android apps with Custom Bots.
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Custom Bots allow you to capture your customers' intent, so you can qualify and send them down the right to path to success.

Custom Bots work on desktop, mobile browsers, iOS and Android apps. To send Custom Bots in mobile apps, you'll need to install the latest mobile SDKs.

Choose the right SDK for your app here:

Once installed, you'll be able to choose a mobile platform as your channel to target when setting up your bot:

Once you set your Custom Bot live, here's how it'll appear on iOS:

And here's how it'll appear on Android:

If you have any questions about installing Custom Bots in your mobile app, chat to us in the Messenger.

Send Custom Bots for specific mobile screens

To send a Custom Bot when your customer lands on a specific mobile screen, you'll need to create a custom data attribute that tracks when a user is on that mobile screen.

Then create your Custom Bot using this custom data attribute to target the audience. Go to the Rules section in the composer and click "Add audience rule" to add your "current_screen" custom data attribute. This will send the Custom Bot message to a user when they reach that mobile screen. As the screen updates, you should also update the data attribute.

Custom Bots from Buttons

You can use Custom Bots from buttons on desktop and mobile sites. They don’t work in mobile apps.

  • If a Custom Bot sends a Product Tour, the View Tour card will render, but the tour won’t open since tours are not supported on mobile.

  • Custom Bots only work for users on mobile since Intercom has no visitors/leads on mobile.


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