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Trello app: Attach Intercom conversations to Trello cards
Trello app: Attach Intercom conversations to Trello cards
Attach Intercom conversations and users to cards in Trello, see a card’s status, and create new Trello cards, without leaving the Inbox.
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Intercom’s Trello app lets you access Trello cards inside your Inbox, so you can check on a card’s status, and easily link users or conversations to cards. This makes it easier for your team to track bugs, feature requests and more.

Note: You can also install our power up for Trello, to access your Intercom conversations directly within Trello.

Installing the Trello app

First, go to the app store and select Trello. Then, click ‘Install now’:

Once you’ve installed the app, you can add it to your conversation details in Inbox. Just click ‘Customize’, then ‘+ Add more’, and select Trello from the list:

Then, click ‘Create my token’:

You’ll be redirected to Trello, where you’ll need to give  Intercom permission to connect to your Trello account:

Important: Connecting your personal Trello account will not allow your Intercom teammates access to your boards. Your teammates can only see the boards they have permission to view in Trello.

Next, you’ll see this page, where you can copy your token (double click the token to select it):

Once copied, click ‘I have a token’ in the Trello app, and paste in your token. Then, click ‘Connect your account’:

Attaching users and conversations to cards in Trello

You can easily associate users or conversations with specific Trello cards, so you can better track customers who experienced a bug, or had a feature request.  First, search for an existing card using the Trello app. Or, click ‘Create card’ to create a new one:

When searching for existing cards you’ll see the card names, the board they’re on, and the list they’re in. For example, when searching for ‘Outage’, this card in the results is on the board ‘Bug reports’ in the list ‘To fix’:

When creating a new card, you can select the board and list where you’d like it to be created:

After selecting (or creating) the card, you can attach the conversation and/or user to it with these buttons.

The user or conversation info will then appear on the card in Trello as an attachment, which makes it easy to get more information for a bug report, or follow up with a user when you release a feature they requested.

You’ll also see your users’ attached Trello cards directly in the inbox, where you can click on them to update the cards in Trello, or get helpful info for your customer.

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