If you need to add a new person to Intercom as a User or a Lead, you can do this from the people list. This is best for adding just a few at a time, like prospects you met at an event, or a lead who reached out on LinkedIn. If you need to add multiple people at once, we recommend using one of the import options.

Under 'Contacts', go to your people list, and click “New users or leads” in the top right corner:

Then, choose to create a new user or a new lead:

Note: In this example, we’re creating a new user, but the process is the same to create a new lead.

In the window that appears, enter a Name, Email address and User ID for the new user:

Note: If you’re creating a lead, you don’t need to add a User ID.

Next, click “Create a user” on the bottom right:

Important: If the new user or lead matches audience filters for an existing email message, they’ll receive it immediately.

And that’s it, you’ve created your new user or lead, and you’ll see their profile where you can start a conversation with them, add notes, and more. 

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