In your Intercom Messenger settings you can create a list of trusted domains that the Intercom Messenger can be seen on. Once you set this up, the Intercom Messenger will only appear on these domains (it won’t appear in unintended locations). 


  • If you leave this blank, the Intercom Messenger can be added to any domain. 

  • You can list multiple domains, separated by commas. 

  • To list all subdomains just use an asterisk, like *

  • Ensure you add the full domain name (i.e. '', not '').

  • We don't support adding localhost, but you can add '' and/or '' and the Messenger will work on these domains.

  • At Intercom we updated our terminology to progress beyond harmful, racially biased phrases. This setting used to be the "Whitelist". We now use "Trusted list". To read more on why and how we made these changes please read our article on why words matter.”

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