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Copying messages, tours, carousels and bots into Series
Copying messages, tours, carousels and bots into Series

Easily copy your existing content into a series, and craft the optimal messaging experience.

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It’s easy to copy existing messages into a series, so you can bring together the content you’ve already created and orchestrate it visually.

You can copy:

  • Chats & Posts

  • Mobile Carousels

  • Product Tours

  • Custom Bots

  • Emails

  • Mobile push messages

  • Surveys

  • SMS messages

  • Banners

Just open the series where you’d like to copy your content and click ‘Copy existing message into series’ in the ‘More’ menu:

Then, search for and select the message you’d like to copy:

The message will be copied into the series, with it’s filters added as a rule block:

You can now connect it to a path in your series, and you’re all set. 👌


  • If the original message had a goal, or scheduled times to send, these will be copied into the series with the new message.

  • Stats from the original message will not be copied into the series.

  • The original message will not be paused or modified, so you should ensure that anyone who has already received it, isn’t eligible to receive the new copy. You can do this by tagging all the recipients from the original message’s stats, and then adding a ‘Tag is not:’ rule before the new version.

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