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How do I install the same Intercom instance on multiple apps?
How do I install the same Intercom instance on multiple apps?
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Is it possible to add intercom to multiple apps with a single intercom account and if so, how?

It is possible to install the same Intercom instance on multiple apps or websites. Just use the same Intercom code snippet, with your app_id, to install it wherever you'd like your Messenger to show.

Note: your Messenger will be identical across all of the sites/apps on which you have it installed, unless you have our multi-branded Messenger feature (available on web only with Premium and Scale plans).

Once you have the Messenger installed on each app, I'd recommend creating separate team inboxes for each of your apps.

You can then use assignment rules to assign conversations to each of these team inboxes, based on the URL from which the conversation was first started. That is the easiest way to sort all of your incoming conversations by app!

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