Collections are the homes for articles on your Help Center. They organize your articles so people can browse your help content and find what they want. Below, we’ll show you how to create an intuitive Help Center, where customers can easily discover the content they need. 

Organize your articles into collections 

Creating a collection is easy: first visit your ‘Collections’ and click ‘New Collection.’ 

Then, name your collection, select an icon from the drop-down menu and give it a short description. Collection descriptions provide important context for people who scan your Help Center. 

Pro tip: Collection descriptions appear in your site search and Google search results. To optimize your content for SEO, include words your customers are likely to search for.

Finally, open your collection, and click ‘Add articles’ to move articles into your collection:

To add articles to a section within the collection, just select it here:

That’s it, you’re done, and your articles are live 😄 

To optimize your Help Center structure, check out these suggestions:

Best practices for organizing your articles

The first step for organizing your articles is to sit down and think carefully about the topics that matter most to your customers. Then re-organize your help content into distinct collections to guide them. For example, you could organize your content by:

1. Jobs customers need to do

If your Help Center is mostly made up of best practice articles, try organizing your articles into collections of jobs customers can do. For example, if you have a product that helps customers create projects, you could have one collection called ‘Collaborating on projects’, another called ‘Reaching deadlines’ - and so on.

Pro-tip: This is how we organize our collections at Intercom 😉 

2. Questions customers ask

If you have lots of FAQs, you should organize your articles into collections of questions customers ask. Just identify the theme they have in common. For example, if you’ve created FAQs like, ‘How do I create an account’ and ‘How do I delete my account?’ group these into a collection called something like, ‘Managing your account.’

3. Steps customers need to take (sequential tasks)

If you have lots of how-to articles you should organize your articles into collections of tasks customers need to complete. These should be organized in order of the sequence your customers need to complete them. For example, if your first collection is centred around ‘Installation’, the next could be based on ‘Configuration’ and so on.

Or if your product has different user levels, it’s a good idea to create a collection for beginners, another for experienced users and one for advanced users, for example.

Sub-divide longer collections into sections

We recommend keeping your collections small enough so customers can find what they need. When a collection has 11-12 articles, it’s probably time to divide your collection into sections. Sections are like chapter headings and should be short and to the point, like ‘Get started’ and ‘Stay organized.’

To create a section, just click ‘Add section.’ Then name your section and drag relevant articles into it.

Here’s how your sections look on your Help Center:

What’s next?

Next, optimize your article order to make it easier for customers to find the exact advice they need.

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